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Aly & AJ Are Giving Back

Aly & AJ Are Giving Back

July 20, 2018

Some of our fave queens are back... and making a big difference!
There are about a million reasons worth being excited over Aly & AJ's new tour for: the sister duo is FINALLY back on the road with the truly magical "Promises Tour." Of course, the singers started out on Disney Channel and released some of our favorite songs ever during that time (hello, "Potential Breakup Song"!) but they have grown up and evolved musically so much in the years since.

But another reason to be impressed with Aly & AJ's new tour is because they're using this opportunity to speak out about causes they care about, encourage their audiences to get involved, and really deepen their connection with fans.

First up, the girls invited Head Count out on tour with them, a volunteer organization that helps people register to vote. At each of the duo's shows, you can easily register to have your voice count come election time. Then, Aly & AJ have brought Project HEAL out on tour as a support research for fans seeking eating disorder treatment or resources on how to be there for a friend.