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Logan Paul and KSI's boxing fight




You won't believe how Logan Paul and KSI's boxing fight ended


After months of anticipation, the boxing match between controversial YouTube star Logan Paul and actual boxer KSI finally took place.

And you wouldn't believe how the results turned out.

The fight went down in Manchester Arena and, shockingly Logan beat KSI in the first two rounds. However, not long after, Logan got extremely tired and KSI came back.

The match continued, and it became clear that it was going to end up real close. However, neither Logan nor KSI knocked out the other, so the judges were left to decide the winner.

In the end, the match was called a majority draw.

A DRAW! After all that smack talk...

As soon as the match was called a draw, both Logan and KSI were hyping up a rematch. Logan yelled to the crowd, “I feel like I won the fight, but this rematch is going to be crazy!”
So it's not over yet.

The most interesting part is that the match was streamed on YouTube, which had around 773,000 viewers, and cost $10 each. That means almost $8 million dollars was made.