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Logan Paul has admitted to....




Logan Paul has admitted to Shane Dawson that he is a sociopath

His brother Jake is NOT happy. 
Shane Dawson recently announced that his newest series would focus on YouTuber Jake Paul.
People have been SO excited about it, and are basically glued to their screens whenever a new installment comes out.

The most recent third installment which went online yesterday touched on Jake's family... like his brother, Logan Paul.

Earlier this year, Logan made HUGE headlines for uploading footage of a man who had comitted suicide in a Japanese forest to his YouTube channel.

People were absolutely outraged, wondering how someone could ever think exploiting a dead body would be okay. For Logan, he admits that he didn't even give that a second thought. To Shane, he wondered if it meant something more, so he DM'd Logan and asked him if he thinks he was a sociopath.

"I'm on the sociopath spectrum. I wouldn't say I'm a sociopath, but I would absolutely say I have sociopathic tendendies, and at the beginning of the year I was at a place in my life where they got the best of me and they consumed me, which is when it gets dangerous."

The DMs in the video are at the 5 minute mark below:

Logan then went on to say that his brother Jake "also has tendencies, as we all do."

Logan explains in the video that Jake is "nice and empathetic as f*ck. And at random times, and off-camera, he's so nice for no reason, like feeding the homeless. This is a trait that he has that I've always envied."

What he had to say made Shane wonder if Logan can feel empathy at all, in which he responded saying, "Of course I feel empathy. The level a t which I feel it differs for each topic or subject, though."


For Jake, however, he isn't too happy with the episode...