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Fernanfloo - Net Worth $3 Million

Fernanfloo - Net Worth $3 Million

November 20, 2017

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, Born July 8, 1993 in San Salvador, El Salvador. Is better known to his millions of fans as fernanfloo. While he had an early start, starting his channel when he was only 18, in May 2011, fernanfloo admits that he was not one of the lucky guys to go viral overnight, but rather rose to fame slow and steady. For instance he says that for his GTA 6 minute video he spend 10 hours recording and 5 hours editing. He also says that in 2010 he suffered a facial paralysis after playing Call of Duty for 15 hours without stop. He tries to upload new videos every other 2-3 days.

He loves anime and action movies - Iron Man trilogy is one of his favorites (he saw the first Iron Man movie 4 times at the cinema). He would also love to become a tennis player. And his addicted to milk. The cinema is one of his favorite places to be (if he had the time he would go at least 3 times a week). Liar, Liar with Jim Carrey is the movie that makes him laugh the most.

Fernanfloo says that one thing that he misses is his free time. He had to skip a lot of moments, normal for a regular teenager, to focus on his videos. He also abandoned his University studies to focus on what he loves most. However he hopes to stop working by the time he is 30. He also had various other projects outside the video universe.

It's all about perspective - People have called him crazy numerous times but he said he would rather be called a person with a special behavior. He also says that an intelligent person is not one that remembers a lot of stuff but rather is capable of solving various situations at the right moment. Branded - He has his own line of clothes, bags, sweaters and backpacks with his logo and name on them. At your fingertip - A virtual version of fernanfloo is available as an app and it's doing really great. With its newer version, and free status, the app was downloaded 1.2m times in the first 36 hours of its release and 2.3m downloads in the first week.