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Logan Paul Rejected

Last week, Logan Paul attended the annual Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado.
Hopping up to the mic on the main stage, Logan made the confession, "I consider myself a man of truth, someone who hates being ignorant. I guess I’m not ashamed to say my name is Logan Paul and I think I’m coming out of the Flat Earth closet."
Anything to stay relevant, right?
However, Flat Earth Society wasn't impressed.
"As most of our regulars will be aware by now, YouTube celebrity Logan Paul has recently attended the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver and publicly voiced his support of the Flat Earth Movement," they began.
"This announcement came as a surprise to most, given a complete lack of Logan's prior interest in the subject, and the nature of the content he usually produces. Understandably, this has raised a number of questions from the general public, and we have been approached to comment."
"As the organisers of FEIC have made abundantly clear on their own website, they are not affiliated with the Flat Earth Society. We have no influence over who they invite to the conference or how they schedule their talks. This distinction is important in light of recent events."
"As of the time of publishing this statement, TFES has not been in contact with Logan Paul, and we have no intention of offering him membership or otherwise affiliating with him. Claims that Logan Paul is a member of TFES or that he may be considered for membership are untrue."
SOZ LOGAN! Thank u, next.