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Marco Hansell - Net Worth $6 Million

Marco Hansell - Net Worth $6 Million

Originally Posted November 11, 2017
Updated 2018

Despite having less than 5 thousand followers from both his company and personal Instagram accounts combined. This tech entrepreneur is a social media mega genius, let us introduce you to Marco Hansell  and you’ll see what we mean.

After founding a digital agency in 2003 that helped launch the digital careers of John Legend; Ludacris; E-40; Game; Bobby Valentino, Chingy and bobby brown. He would found, Speakr which is serves as a kind of ad agency for these influencers. It tracks the most popular personalities and sets up deals with many of them for campaigns, which can involve brand messages sent by 150 to 200 influencers to their zillions of followers. With about 20,000 influencers in its network, the company has conducted over a thousand campaigns for such brands as Samsung and Microsoft. Last year, Speakr said, its campaigns generated more than three billion impressions.

“Influencers,” by the way, are not brand advocates in Speakr’s terminology. An advocate “loves your brand,” Hansell said, but their posts are “somewhat white noise” because they will always talk up the brand. Influencers, on the other hand, are “category experts.” It’s the difference, for example, between BMWLover and CarExpert.

Speakr made more than $1m in revenue in 2012 and reached more than 400 million daily impressions. In the company’s recent years of operations speakr reaches nearly 1 billion impressions and manages nearly 80% and 50% respectively of the top 100 Twitter and Instagram Social Influencer campaigns run by top brands such as every major film studio including, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner etc. companies like Corona, Microsoft and more.