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New Feud Alert: Grayson Dolan and Logan Paul

In case you're unaware, there are currently RAGING fires in California that have forced thousands of people including celebrities from their homes.

However, YouTuber Grayson Dolan was blissfully unaware of the fires when he posted a story to his Instagram thinking the smoke were just pretty clouds.

"I never see these types of clouds here 😍," he wrote.

Fellow YouTuber Logan Paul then let him know that they were fires, not clouds.
"that’s cuz it’s a fkn wildfire g," he wrote.

Ouch, literal burn.

Grayson's rumored boyfriend and makeup guru James Charles then came to his defence. "Shut up you imbecile."

Grayson quickly acknowledged his mistake, all while shading the F out of Logan.

"F*ck you REALLY know you made a mistake when even Logan Paul can tell.." he wrote, obviously referring to Logan's suicide forest video.

The next day Grayson seemed to be feeling the effects of the fire, tweeting to his fans that he had been throwing up.
"Supposedly the wildfire smoke can get you sick and I just woke up throwing up soooo bad."

The Woolsey fire had burned around 14,000 acres by Friday, urging the evacuation of 75,000 homes by that afternoon, which including the entire city of Malibu. The Kardashian's and Caitlyn Jenner were among these people.

The Woolsey fire is just one of THREE huge wildfires that were raging across the state on Friday, including the Hill fire, also in Southern California, and the Camp fire in Northern California. Six bodies have been found dead, five inside charred vehicles.