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James Charles Net Worth 2019 - $5 Million

James Charles eye color

What is James Charles Net Worth? 

is more than $5 Million in the year 2019?

James Charles net worth: James Charles is an American model, internet personality, and make-up artist. James Charles assets are estimated to be more than $5 million.  Charles had made a YouTube channel in 2015 and had a niche of a make-up artist. He decided what he had a passion in his souls. Charles made a name and fame in just some few years.
Basically, Charles’s YouTube channel is on make-up and he has contracted with different makeup companies having their products and trying them on himself and telling his viewers what would the results of trying those companies make-up. So, having a lot of viewers, many big makeup companies are in fond of James Charles. They want him to try their make-up in his video and tell them some positive aspects about them. This thing also has a great effect on James Charles net worth.
James Charles pecuniary resources on YouTube: Charles channel has almost more than 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 100 videos. Making an average of the views and subscribers, it has been estimated that James Charles assets from YouTube could be more than $650,000 per year only through YouTube.  Only through YouTube James Charles has estimated revenue more than $1,500 per day. It all depends on the YouTube advertising scheme, as they pay 50%-60% of the total views. Those stats of James Charles net worth through YouTube has brought to you by the calculation of $2-$5 per 1000 views when they got monetized through YouTube.   All those stats have been gotten from the real stats of YouTube as Cine Net Worth also is influenced by the working on YouTube.
Google also target ads on top 5 percent popular content which is on the top of trends, here content can also be said the celebrity who is in fashions. YouTube Red is also a way especially for people like Charles James who has been earning a lot from this. In YouTube, Red people pay for premium membership and watch the premium content and watch YouTube videos without advertisements and if a video is been getting views on YouTube Red then they pay more for that video.
James Charles earning extra dollars for the endorsement deals. Charles also has been said to be the first spokes ideal for make-ups as a CoverGirl alongside Katy Perry.
On the other note, he has also companies attached to him asking him for their advertisements. This makes the main part of the James Charles net worth, as he can ask for more money for making positive comments on their products.

How Much is James Charles net Worth?

James Charles

The real name of James Charles is James Charles Dickinson.  He is known as the first CoverGirl spokesperson. Charles has a YouTube channel, having a niche of make-up. According to stats, he has 3,162,255 million subscribers on 1st December 2015 and also having 199.6 million views. He has also an Instagram account and has 3.5 million followers and also has more than 5 hundred thousand followers on Twitter. James Charles net worth is going high in just a few years almost 2 years of working make his assets that high not everyone could reach. Joe Rogan wealth and fame also becoming high because of his hard working on his own podcast. These people are a real inspiration for people working as an entrepreneur.

James Charles eye color

James Charles eye color is dark brown. From one of his previous tweets, it has been stated that he doesn’t like his eye color. He said, “I wish my eyes weren’t shit brown.”  But time passes and people change, that was the beginning of Charles, now we think he has changed enough to love himself.
James Charles eye color tweet

James Charles “Hi Sisters”

Every video on YouTube of James Charles is started with two words; “Hi sisters”. In one of his video published on YouTube, he has said thirty times “Hi Sisters.” All those funny aspects what people think about those giving fame to Charles and making James Charles net worth high. James Charles has also done a cut crease makeup tutorial in the tutorials of 2016 August. You can go and watch it.

James Charles Brother

James Charles has a young brother Ian Jeffery. James has been trying to make him famous also. He is calling him to his YouTube Channel and does his make-up and also making videos teaching him to do make-up, in a video Ian Jeffery did a make-up of his sister James Charles. Despite this, all Ian Jeffery is also trying his own self and followers on Instagram. But because of collaborating with James he has been reached to almost 1 million followers on Instagram. Ian Jeffery played basketball also. He was studying in Bethlehem High School and his favorite number was number 3 and wears that shirt.
James Charles brother Ian Jeffrey


Why do people hate James Charles?

People hating James Charles, because of controversies of IT movie happened with him. Charles went to Cinema and watch IT movie and then published that he disliked the movie. Later then movie became the biggest horror movie hit and then he made a tutorial about the pennywise (main villain) makeup and people started dragging James Charles for all this. And this war goes on like this, maybe still continued.
James Charles Pennywise

Is James Charles gay?

James Charles openly says that he is a gay. That is also a community in our society. Charles thinks that people of his gender should not be humiliated by others. He made his name through his passion and encourages other community like himself. He accepts this term that James Charles is a gay.

What was James Charles net worth in 2017?

In the middle of 2017, James Charles net worth was expected to more than $2 million.

Did James Charles makeup his mom?

Yes, James Charles makeup his mom in his YouTube video tutorial. He did the makeup of her so amazingly that it got almost more than 2.5 million views.

Who is James boyfriend?

James Charles does have a boyfriend but has decided not to take this personal matter to the internet and never told the name of his boyfriend yet.

What is James Charles age?

James Charles is 19 years old fashion boy. At the age of 12, he came out in middle school.

Where does James Charles born?

James Charles was born in Bethlehem, New York, the United States of America in 1999.

Where James Charles lives?

James Charles lives in Bethlehem, New York in the United States.

What is James Charles real name?

James Charles real name is James Charles Dickinson. But he is more famous by his name James Charles.

When had James Charles born?

James Charles was born on 23 May 1999.

What is James Charles height?

James Charles real height is 1.57m. He is not so much taller but for his fans, he has a grace. His fans are mostly the ladies.

What is James Charles net worth now?

James Charles pecuniary assets are more than a $4 million. Those are just the estimated stats with a proper calculation. But he has literally more than this much because he is making a lot from YouTube, YouTube Red, Google and direct advertisements.  James Charles net worth will be boosting more higher in the upcoming years, as he has deals with some big names because of his fame and name in ladies.