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Nikita Dragun Net Worth - $250 Thousand

 Nikita Dragun was born in Springfield; Virginia, in the United States of America on 31 January 1996. She is popular on YouTube, for her to make up content. She is famous as Mama Dragun and is a makeup artist on YouTube. Nikita also makes music videos but here main content on YouTube is doing makeup, taking challenges for makeup and also making vlogs for her fans. She is an inspiration for people who want to come on digital media but think there is no progress in it. For the inspiration of such people, we can also call that how much is Nikita Dragun earning through all this. Nikita Dragun net worth in 2018 is estimated to be a $150,000. She is working for quality content, not for quantity. She may seem to upload a single video in a week but that single video gets millions of views in no time. It shows how many fans following Nikita Dragun has.

Nikita Dragun channel on YouTube has gotten more than 1.3 million subscribers. The channel has more than 100 million views till now as it has been calculated. Nikita’s channel can get more than three hundred thousand views in a day as a number of subscribers is huge. Thus she is simply making more than $400 a day or we can say $150,000 in a year. Basically, a YouTuber get paid $2 or $5 or it could be more than that for every single 1000 views when your channel has been monetized. Dollars per 1000 view depends upon the content that what content are you making. Nikita Dragun is doing makeup on a channel so makeup companies would want to place their ads at here content and get business. All this work goes through like this. Through YouTube, there is also another way of earning and that is YouTube Red, Nikita Dragun for sure working on this and getting paid for her content through YouTube Red, where people pay monthly to watch videos. James Charles total resources and ways of earning are similar to Nikita Dragun. For now this time he is at the top for making more sponsors but Nikita is also in a row for sure.

Before all this going back to 2011, Nikita started on Twitter and making twitted there that she is leaving Facebook doesn’t know what could possibly be happening there. Now she is not only popular on YouTube but also on Instagram having over 2.4 million fans. People are also getting ways of making money through Instagram and other social media by affiliating brands and selling their products.

Nikita Dragun is a transgender makeup artist of USA and considered a youth icon for other transgenders that she is so open for her transition from male to female. As what she feels, following her own transition, she realized about the women that from what phases do they pass through and this thought make Nikita a feminist as well. Nikita also makes inspirational videos for her fans and try taking it high and encourage all other transgender, who are like her. She is making a lot of money and doing hard work and moreover also getting fame with this all. She had been also appearing in Jeffree Star Cosmetics Company as a model. Other makeup companies are also fond of Nikita to work for them and promote them. Nikita Dragun net worth growth will be higher than what she got in the previous year because she will understand the business and companies would pay her for what she doing in the next coming years. Yuya total assets are also fine as a YouTuber, she is also a YouTube star was in top 21 YouTubers in 2017 and she is working same like Nikita Dragun.

Nikita Dragun Boyfriend

Nikita Dragun has made a video that her boyfriend is doing her makeup but it doesn’t seem to be real. She has not revealed her real boyfriend. Even if that guy in the video could be considering her real boyfriend, she didn’t introduce him well. If we consider, if she is married, then it is also sure that she is not married yet. On social media many times she calls boys her boyfriends but it seems that they are there to just make content videos and not her real boyfriends. It could be said to get audience attention or to make fun entertaining videos for fans. Once Nikita was believed to date her companion YouTuber, his name is Josh Leyva. But the updated thing about her boyfriend is the guy with her in her new YouTube video doing her makeup.
Nikita Dragun with her Boyfriend

10 FAQs about Nikita Dragun

Is Nikita Dragun a transgender?

Yes, Nikita Dragun is transgender. She is a makeup artist of United States of America encouraging the community of other transgender and showing the world how to take the limelight in this new world of digital media. Nikita has become such a type of transgender that she doesn’t hesitate to tell people she change from male to female. She also showed that she became a feminist and also observes what women have to go through.

Who are Nikita Dragun parents?

Nikita Dragun parents are people with guts. Her mother is Mexican, who supported her child with all through thick and thin. Nikita’s father is Vietnamese and she never told about his occupation, but he is also in people who helped her to develop in life.
Nikita Dragun with her parents

Who are Nikita Dragun siblings?

Nikita Dragun has three more siblings. She has two sisters and also a brother. Her sister’s names are Taliah Ngyuen and Allegrah Ngyun and her brother name is Vincarlo Ngyuen. With Vincarlo Ngyuen Nikita had made a makeup video on YouTube. She loves her family so much and also making videos on YouTube with her brother.
Nikita Dragun with family(Nikita Dragun siblings and her parents)

What was Nikita Dragun net worth in 2017?

Nikita Dragun pecuniary resources in 2017 were about $25,000. At that time she wasn’t that popular and not getting that limelight. That was just beginning of her fame and her makeup got popular in the people, especially the women in America, now she is taking a flight to success.

What is Nikita Dragun height?

Nikita Dragun height is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm. She is not so tall but a pretty human being.

What is Nikita Dragun age?

Nikita Dragun is 22 years old. She is just a 22-year transgender and making a lot of name and wealth, it is inspiring.

Where was Nikita Dragun born?

Nikita Dragun had born in Springfield, Virginia in the United States of America.

What is the birthday of Nikita Dragun?

Nikita Dragun birthday is at 31 January, 1996.

Who is Nikita Dragun boyfriend?

On social media and also on YouTube she showed up with boys, saying that they are her boyfriends, but they are not. Those posts and videos are for fans to entertain them, but her actual boyfriend has not been revealed yet.

What is Nikita Dragun net worth in 2019?

Nikita Dragun net worth in 2018 is supposed to be more than 250,000 dollars. It will be skyrocket in next couple of years, as she has gain fame newly in the digital media. Endorsement companies will follow her if she continues doing her work for her audience like that. They will give her their products such as make up products to show in her videos and get paid for them.