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Sam Pepper files Restraining Order against Brandon Hampton

With over 300,000 subscribers, allegedly he was physically attacked and stalked with cameras by another YouTuber. According to The Blast, on January 16, Sam Pepper filed court documents seeking protection against Brandon Hampton, calling him a “stalker.” 

He claims, “Brandon has no regard for the law and will do much crazier things to me if I don’t have the protection.” Pepper says Hampton was “punching me in the face to make a video to post online for attention, turning up at my home location uninvited while live streaming to his viewers, and in the latest attack turning up at my home while videotaping and vandalizing my vehicle to which I called the police.” 

The judge granted the request and ordered Hampton to stay 100 yards away from Pepper and his home. The next hearing will go down on February 6, where they will decide if the order will become permanent.