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Cameron Dallas Talks Dealing With Depression

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Cameron Dallas Latest Twitter Post About Depression Scrolled A Long List Of Fan’s Suggestions.
On February 7, Cameron Shared his tweet, ‘what am I depressed about’? Twitter Followers thus drove frenzy to cheer up their depressed celebrity with miscellaneous solutions.

Cameron Dallas, The Internet Cynosure

Netflix’s ‘Chasing Cameron’ star, Cameron Dallas is a popular internet celebrity with a long list of social media followers. He is, in fact, popular for his presence on the Vine app and YouTube. You can imagine the popularity of Dallas by looking at his fan followings. By 2017 there are 20 million Cameron’s followers on Instagram and 11 million on Twitter. Moreover, this internet savvy has won the 43rd People’s choice award as the favorite Social Media Star.

Allegations On Cameron

Dallas, 24, has recently faced charges of assault for allegedly assaulting a man in an Aspen, Colorado hotel over the weekend. Actually, on Saturday morning, police raided the Hyatt Residences Grand Aspen. There they found a man with bleeding facial injuries. According to valid reports, Dallas had punched him in the face and broke his nose.
After this incident, police arrested Cameron Dallas. Consequently, Dallas faced charges of second-degree assault. Cameron, however, has to pay a $5,000 bond to get a release.
Another similar incident took place in 2015 when Dallas reached jail for felony vandalism. At that time, the star faced $20,000 bail. It was actually the period when Cameron Dallas was filming a YouTube video with JcCaylen and Kian Lawley. As a matter of fact, Dallas just threw a can of paint out his apartment’s window.
Surprisingly, such noxious incidents immediately raised Cameron’s popularity at social Media Platform with more fans subscribing to his YouTube account.

Cameron Dallas In Depression!

In response to such unwanted happenings in Dallas life, the young internet Diva caught depression. Cameron was a chronic depression sufferer. In 2016, perhaps he released a video clip on YouTube talking about his battle with depression. He explained that
“people get depressed over different things one of the things for me was because I was alone too much and had too much social anxiety to talk to people so I felt all alone that made me depressed”
Unfortunately sometimes in life you find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself and the people you care about, have a safe and happy new year, 2019 is going to be an amazing one.
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He further admits that while he tried to overcome the situation through music, social media friends and even by watching funny internet videos but nothing helped him. Cameron ultimately found peace when he saw  “God has a plan” written on his bracelet.  The social media star then realized his anxiousness and left everything on God.

Cameron Tweet About Depression

In his latest Feb 7 Tweet, it seems that the internet star, Cameron Dallas  again suffered depression that’s why he posted the message “what am I depressed about ?”
Concerned Fans hence realized  Cameron’s mental state and replied with their best solutions to overcome the depression. They have suggested reasonable and functional ways to come out of this saddening feeling. Somebody advised to go out and make new friends while other consoled him and tell him to trust in God.