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Jake Paul in trouble again

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul is facing a new lawsuit from his neighbors accusing his security team of false imprisonment and emotional distress.
he new lawsuit is the latest roadblock for the YouTube star, who has faced his fair share of controversy throughout his YouTube career.
According to a report by TMZ, the neighbor went over to the star’s house to complain about cars leaving Paul’s driveway at a high speed.
When his neighbor got out of his car after being let through the gate, they said members of Paul’s security accused him of trespassing.
The neighbor claims Paul’s security “grabbed him, twisted his arm behind his back and threw him against his car to hold him,” according to TMZ.

Paul’s neighbor said the bodyguards called the cops and detained him until the cops determined he had done nothing wrong and let him go.
The neighbor added he thought the whole episode was “racially motivated” because of his ethnicity and religious background.
Lawyers for Paul said the YouTuber wasn’t present at the time of the “citizen’s arrest” by his security or for any of the “drama” that followed.
While it might be far from the first time Paul has found himself in legal trouble, it looks as though he might manage to escape this scandal unscathed.