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YouTube Stars at War

jake paul | social celebrity net worth
Padilla later tagged Paul in a Tweet that appeared to poke fun at the YouTuber, sharing a clip from his video that featured a fan comparing two social media stars’ looks.
Paul appeared to take issue with Padilla’s video and lashed out at the YouTuber in a savage Tweet, calling the SMOSH mainstay an ‘imbecile’ due to the post.
“Sent you a message earlier this week!” Paul wrote. “Didn’t want this on social, but since you didn’t read it and you’re continuing to be an imbecile, I think you should see it now!”
Paul posted the message in question shortly thereafter, where he accused Padilla of attempting to insult and degrade his fanbase.
“...You’re making videos with my fans to try and make them and me look bad!” Paul argued. “...I’ve never had a hater mentality so maybe I’m missing something, but you should be upset with yourself.”
Padilla uploaded the offending video on February 11, where he opened up a discussion on Paul’s divisive behavior with his young fans and their parents.
The fans ranged in age from 10 - 17 years old, with a few claiming that Paul inspired them to create their own YouTube channels.
However, the fans’ parents appeared to take issue with Paul’s crazy stunts, with one mother noting that Paul’s gambling fiasco could be potentially harmful to his young viewerbase.
Paul has been involved in a plethora of scandals since achieving YouTube fame, with his latest resulting in a lawsuit due to alleged racist behavior from his security detail towards a concerned neighbor.