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Doctor Mike Net Worth $4 million

 Nicknamed the Hottest Doctor, Doctor Mike is a popular YouTuber who has made his profession more entertaining. His channel is full of reactions and storytimes about the everyday life of a doctor. He also discusses common problems he faces as a medical professional on social media and breaks down how hospitals work. Here you can find out all there is to know about Doctor Mike, including his income.

Source: @doctor.mike/Instagram

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Early Life

Mikhail Varshavski was born on November 12, 1989, in Saransk, Russia. When he was five, his family moved to Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Even though he worked as a physician, his father had to go to medical school for the second time, and his mother worked for a minimum wage; therefore, Mikhail’s early days weren’t exactly full of riches.

His high school friends nicknamed him “Doctor Mike” since they always came to his father due to various sport-related injuries. He grew interested in medicine as he watched his father interact with his patients.

He studied life sciences and osteopathic medicine at the New York Institute of Technology.

Source: @doctor.mike/Instagram


The public first heard of Doctor Mike when he established an Instagram profile, which he had used to document his medical school experiences, noting out that you “can’t have a life in medical school”.

Three years later, during the summer of 2015, Buzzfeed published an article about Varshavski titled “Um, You Really Need To See This Hot Doctor And His Dog”. That same year, People Magazine awarded him with the title of the Sexiest Doctor Alive. With the help of these two portals, his Instagram profile’s number of followers suddenly went up.

He also established Limitless Tomorrow, which is a foundation that provides scholarships. He raises money by cashing in his own experiences through his social media accounts. As of 2020, his YouTube channel has almost five million followers, and over three million people follow his Instagram. He is also very active on Twitter, where he has amassed over one hundred and ninety-seven thousand followers.

Source: @doctor.mike/Instagram

Personal Life

Most describe him as New York City’s most eligible bachelor and a great catch. The proof of that is that he made $91 000 for charity by feeing girls for dates with him.

He was in a months-long relationship with Pia Wurtzbach after she was crowned Miss Universe. Now she is working as a model and seeing Marlon Stockinger. But, she is not the only one who has moved on.

Doctor Mike has celebrated the New Year’s Eve of 2016 with a Fox News reporter Jennifer Lahmers. It is speculated that the two had broken up since their profile didn’t feature any posts of one another since 2017. However, since it was not publicly announced, we cannot deny nor confirm this pair’s split.

Doctor Mike Net Worth 2021

As of January 2021, Doctor Mike’s net worth is estimated to be $3.2 million. Considering his noble profession, that he has taken on a global level by media, he deserves it all, and so much more.